It is that time of the year again, when the exams are over and the holidays are upon us. While many parents may be wondering how to keep the children engaged during the summer months, this is actually the best time for kids to take up specific afterschool activities to hone special skills and develop new friendships. This is why summer camps are important for your child.

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that kids develop relevant 21st century skills to help them navigate through the challenges in future – and not just the academics that they have to grapple with in school. So, what is the importance of Summer Camps in your 4-14-year-old child’s development?

1. First and foremost, summer camps are a way for children to relax and have fun. The school year is particularly stressful and the summer holidays are a time for the kids to destress.
2. Developing interpersonal skills – participating in summer activities helps children develop key life skills, including social skills through peer interaction in group activities
3. Improve Communication skills – who does not want their child to develop good command over English language? There are various age appropriate activities such Storytelling, Reading, Elocution, Speech & Drama, Theatre and Debating & Public Speaking that help children develop good oral communication skills
4. Improve Grammar and Diction – looking for classes to help your child improve English Grammar written communication skills? Summer may be a good time to get them to sign up for specialized courses such as Grammar Grip and Creative Writing
5. Improve Analytical Skills and logical Thinking – Summer courses on coding for kids and Robotics etc. help children not only develop analytical skills but also improve logic, which are essential skills to develop in the 21st century
6. Develop Intellectual Curiosity – Instead of rote learning which is what the academic curriculum in schools makes our kids do, summer holidays are a time to look at Science in a fun and interesting way. Enroll your child in Science Workshops that help your child see practical examples of science through curated activities

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7. Teamwork and collaboration – When children work together to achieve a common goal it can have a positive impact on their personal development. Most summer camps involve group-based activities which help children develop the sense of teamwork and collaboration – skills that are critical for success later in professional careers.
8. Develop creativity – summer camps give children the opportunity to think and act creatively. This is the time to develop your child’s creative talent in the area of his/her choice.
9. Diversity – Summer camps are an opportunity for kids to interact with people outside of their circle of family and school friends. This peer interaction not only builds deep friendships, but also exposes them to diverse opinions and makes them appreciate different perspectives – an important aspect of child development.
10. Summer camps provide children a sense of purpose. It brings about a routine in their holidays which is necessary for kids to follow and provides them engagement beyond screen time, which if not checked, can get out of control for some kids during the holidays
11. Summer Camps provide an opportunity for children to develop hobbies and interests that they may pursue later in life
12. Develop Leadership – finally as a parent we are responsible for the holistic development of our child. It is important that we not only help our children develop the hard skills to ignite their interests, but also to hone their soft skills that will help them thrive in their lives. The right balance between these skills is essential for developing future leaders

As parents, we want the best for our children. While we want them to get the best opportunities in life, it is our responsibility to ensure our children are happy and have a holistic development – i.e. develop good communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving ability, self-confidence, resilience and an ability to get along with others. So, do not underestimate the importance of Summer Camps for kids and make sure you use the summer holidays to your advantage