English is hands-down the world's most widely used, spoken, written, and communicated language. There isn't enough emphasis on how crucial it is to learn this language, as it acts as a common ground for people from different backgrounds and countries to communicate in. Due to its wide acceptance, English is taught in every school, spoken in a majority of households, and is opted to be used as a norm by a large chunk of any population.

But most of the times, the teachings of the English language are not dwelled into by many educational institutes. Schools tend to teach children English as it is presented; on paper, memorised, and replicated. This process of education doesn't account for the deeper meaning of the language, such as proper pronunciation, word and sentence structure, and most importantly, the rules of grammar.

But beyond the academic persona of the language, knowing the language helps greatly in personality development of kids, as it helps them work on their body language, self-confidence, voice modulation, and makes them aware of their surroundings, allowing them to react and respond appropriately, or as the situation demands it.

At Cedarwood, our English Alive classes are more than just learning the basics and complicated rules of the language; they are an invitation to go beyond the textual context of the language. Mrs Guha, our course teacher, does just that.

Her classes are a mix of academics and off-the-record discussions about the self, and the personality traits of kids who are in their teen years, learning and accepting the way the world works, and to our joy, questioning the 'how's and the 'why's. Children are encouraged to explore and question traits that are special to them and are taught the importance of understanding and accepting people's viewpoints. Most importantly, children are taught that every person is different, and to take note of their individuality before making any judgements or decisions, allowing them to be better and accepting persons.

Have a look at our English Alive classes for children aged 11-13, and attend a trial class to experience the uniqueness of Mrs Guha, and how she teaches English.