I have been getting Teachers' Day messages, calls, tags on Facebook all through the day and last but not the least a burst of love from the kids at Cedarwood ! While my heart warms up to the wishes and my students who have been filling up my life with love since the past 25 years , I am also reminded of why I decided to teach and why It was the best decision I made till date.

I was preparing to become a Doctor but I was destined to become a Teacher. I completed my B’Ed through correspondence and started my teaching career as a Science and English Teacher. I taught in many schools across the country and would instantly connect with my kids as trust me you don’t need ice breakers to familiarise yourself with them :).

What I loved the most was the ability to form an everlasting bond with each child through love and motivation. As a teacher, you’re not only responsible for imparting knowledge in a bookish way, but also for creating a love for learning among children. You are their mom, dad, siblings friend and above all, their biggest motivator. Seeing children reach their full potential is the greatest reward any teacher can ask for and motivated students emerge into world leaders.

During my 20 year tenure as a school teacher across India, one thing was clear to me ; our education system isn’t equipping our children to face the world and competition. The syllabus, teaching methods etc had not changed in decades and I start questioning my beliefs as a teacher. Are we suppose to just follow a syllabus, prepare our children for exams and measure them based on marks merely ?

Disillusioned by the current state of schooling, I decided to act upon it instead of cribbing and complaining. This is what led to the birth of Cedarwood Afterschool - a platform that offers 21st Century skill enhancement courses for children - a home away from home for children - a place where like minded passionate teachers can come together to network and brainstorm.

I started with one child 5 years back at Cedarwood and now we have serviced over 1000 kids in Pune, across 15 locations with 50+ fabulous teachers !

So ladies, moms and my fellow teachers  I wish you all a Very Happy Teacher’s Day and coax you to pay attention to Afterschool Progrmas for children.