I am a Cedarwood Associate Teacher for courses related to Phonics and Reading. I am an aspiring teacher. I call myself an aspiring teacher even though I have a couple of years of teaching experience as I find myself learning something new every single day. That means I'm a partial teacher and a partial student. Just like every teacher, I too learn something from children that probably no course can.
My love for teaching stems from my love for dancing. I am a passionate dancer who loves teaching dance and I still do when I find the time for it. I found myself enjoying teaching when I started teaching dance. Which is why I decided to become an associate teacher with Cedarwood.
I am a weak person when it comes to children as their innocence alone is enough to get me going. I can't seem to fathom how that works but it certainly does! And I'm sure that's the case with every teacher. I hope to get the best I can out of children but striving to do myself. It's the satisfaction after teaching and educating a child that I find very rewarding and priceless.
I aim to help children achieve excellence in their own way so they don't lose their characters in the process. I believe every child can make their way in this world with he right guidance and I aim to just that.