The 21st Century

The current century, i.e the 21st Century is unlike any time period witnessed by people. With rapid technological and educational advancements, it has become imperative that the generation growing up in today's time be able to adapt to themselves to the constant change in their environments.

Research from Penn State and Duke University recognised that an individual’s success in the 21st century doesn’t depend on reading or writing skills. Instead of perfecting their academics, importance should be given to the socio-emotional development.


The Importance Of Social Skills

Social-emotional skill sets comprise of one’s attitude and knowledge they possess which is necessary to recognise emotional patterns and behaviours of themselves and others, in order to be able to regulate it. Social knowledge, attitudes, and adaptability are some skills necessary for children to recognize in order to handle their emotions and behaviours; establish and maintain positive relationships; make responsible decisions, solve challenging situations, and be able to set and achieve positive goals.

How well children share, listen, accept or resolve conflicts with their peers are equally helpful as being good at academics. Studies also show that kids who have trouble cooperating, listening and resolving conflict were more likely to have problems coping with their surroundings.


The Benefits Of Afterschool Programs

An Afterschool program produces significant benefits depending on the opted activity, such as benefits a child can receive from Drama and Theatre and Elocution and Reading. According to psychologists, drama and theatre is used as a creative-art-based therapy which helps in solving problems through role plays, helps to delve into their character’s emotions, gives an insight to their peer's behaviours and analyse oneself and explore interpersonal interactions. Cedarwood Afterschool Programs are created to enhance the social and emotional skills, which are essential in personality development for children. In our module, we’ve incorporated academic learning along with teaching skill sets that are required to be successful in the 21st century.