Significance of drama and theatre

Theatre has been an important cultural cornerstone since the dawn of human civilization. Several civilizations including the Greeks, Romans and English gave patronage to the theatre. The dramas held in theatres were not only for the entertainment of the people, but also to inform them about the various events taking place around the world, their history, and even their religion.

Actors in these civilizations were held in regard for their performance capabilities and their ability to enthral the masses. It takes special skill to captivate the masses, engaging them with emotions that you want them to feel. It also takes courage to perform in front of a large crowd.

Even at present, drama and theatre hold a high place in society. Broadway shows are sold out for years to come, and people wanting to watch on must book them several years in advance. It is thus a highly prestigious job performing on stage, and not many people are often able to do so.

Advantages of participating in theatre

Participating in drama and theatre can boost self-confidence and empathy, both of which are important when communicating well with other people, especially in a business environment. Since actors have to memorize their lines and the entire storyline, they are known to have a better memory. While learning these lines, they have an opportunity to increase their vocabulary by being exposed to new words in a natural context, which greatly aids in the retention of the word and its meaning. All of these led to better communication skills and language comprehension, proving that it is a good way to learn a new language.

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