As summer approaches to an end and people start settling into their usual work routines, many parents come across a small problem; how to get their children back into their regular school routines?

Most students are delighted during holidays because not only do they get a break from studies, but they get to attend summer camps, sleep in, and stay up late doing things they love like watch movies or have sleepovers!

Since summer vacations can range from anywhere between 1 month to 2, picking up the daily routine can be a bit tough. Here are a few tips on how to break the summer routine!

1. Set A Bedtime
As much as children love to stay past bedtime, the first step to setting a routine is to get the body clock to comply. By encouraging children to sleep early and wake up early, their body gets used to the change and hence allows them to easily wake up on time during school days

2. Declutter Your Space
Another great way to get children to start being productive is by putting away all the toys and distractions that were out during summer break! Not only will this indicate that it's time to get serious, but it also provides children with a clean space to start planning out their studies.

3. Create A Schedule
No time is better than before school starts to create a tentative day schedule with children. Helping them plan out their day, with sufficient time and attention to their studies, leisure time, and afterschool activities allow children to be more organised and manage their time better.

Children can also join afterschool activities, such as the ones offered at Cedarwood, which not only helps them manage their time between school, studies, and skill-building exercises but also allows them to learn through creative based learning activities, which aid in personality development for kids!