Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. To get the right education one needs to search for the right school. A school which shapes the individual's mind as well as his personality. In today's age schools have grown rapidly, it's great news for parents as they have options which may leave them confused as to how to select the best for their children. No worries! Here are some great tips for choosing the right school for your child.

There are schools based on the traditional format as well as on modern thinking, then there is a mix of traditional Gurukul schooling with innovation and modernity. There are schools that follow different boards and there are those that follow a different philosophy and pedagogy. Each of these options makes parents come back to square one and ask themselves- How do we choose the right school for our child?


Choose An Appropriate Education Board

There are many features a school offers, for example, according to different boards different skill sets and learning is acquired.
1. ICSE: Pays additional focus on English i.e. (Language and Literature).
2. CBSE: More suited to the competitive exam syllabus.
3. IB: Especially helpful to apply to Foreign Universities.
4. SSC: Good in Science and Social Science but not in Mathematics and English.
5. IGCSE: Allows room to research, explore and be creative.


Evaluate The School's Amenities

A parent's research questionnaire to find the best school should include the following: -
1. How big is the school is? A.) The strength of students B.) Strength of batches
2. Facilities (What does the school have?) Playgrounds, library, clubs, music programs, sports, etc.
3. Academics- What do the results look like? Look at past records.
4. Opportunities for parent involvement a) How good is the communication between home and school? b) What are their systems, practices and processes for the same?
5. Approach to behaviour management- How is the approach of the school to this? What are the programs, availability of educational psychologists etc
6. School reputation amongst parents- Ask around, check online reviews, talk to alumni
7. Class size (Pre-school)- This is very important as this tells us the teacher to children ratio
8. New technology support/ resources. (Pre-school)
9. Choice of extra-curricular activities. (Pre-school)
10. Time for physical and imaginative play. (Pre-school)
11. The attitude of teachers- Ask around.
12. Alignment with home family/ values.
13. Individual attention to students.
14. How observant is the school of academic and emotional achievements and milestones?
15. How aware are teachers of each child?s strengths and weaknesses?


How Can Parents Help?

Parents need to know what they expect and wish or desire from school as there are no right school or perfect school. But there is hoping to get the right school and imbibe the right learnings in your child. Here's how- For the right learnings
- In the formative years, earnest efforts are required both at home and in school
- Spending Quality Time with your child is imperative.
- The need of the hour is Skill Development even for kids. Here you can make a right choice only if you expose your child to a plethora of activities like - arts, science, languages, theatre, music, sports, etc. and observe keenly what your child enjoys the most.
- The school and the parents should join hands to nurture the essential skills required to face the real world.
- According to us, the best schools are the ones which provide an environment where the child grows - learns the skills to create, innovate and communicate confidently.

Choosing the right school is one of the most crucial decisions as a parent and will impact your child's life too. It is therefore important to investigate all the above aspects mentioned before you choose a school for your child.


Supplement Academics With Afterschool Programs

Choosing a school can be an extremely frustrating and confusing decision to make. However, please do not get stressed about this as this is not one of those irreversible decisions. Of course, you can also participate in good after-school programs to supplement what the school is offering, such as the courses offered at Cedarwood, which add on to the academic learning children receive, in order to make them into the dynamic adults they should grow up to be!