The festival of giving comes in many forms, but Christmas is the most well recognized around the world. Captivating children for generations, Christmas holds an otherworldly joy that adults and children alike feel the need to celebrate to the fullest extent. Due to its long history in a variety of nations, Christmas holds various traditions in just as many countries around the globe.

In Spain, a long-standing Christmas tradition born and unique to the Catalonia region lends children to feed a log (dressed up with arms, legs and a Santa hat, of course!) with bread and orange peel in the days leading up to Christmas, and then, on Christmas Day, beat it with sticks in order to get it to drop sweet treats for this, similar to the concept of a ‘piñata’!

Germany, on the other hand, draws from legend, where it is said that rivers turn to wine, that mountains break open to bear jewels, and that church bells can be heard ringing at the bottom of the sea. In line with this myth, the Christmas magic also allows animals to talk to each other, and only children that are pure at heart can witness it!

In Ireland, Santa, also known as ‘Santy” brings children gifts that they open on Christmas morning. In thanks for their gifts, it is tradition to set out a mince pie and a glass of Guinness for Father Christmas (don’t forget the carrot set out for Rudolph!)

Swedish Christmas tradition comes about with an old prank that developed into such a spectacle, that locals can’t resist participating in. The Gavle Goat is an annual display that is put up at the Castle Square of Slottstorget in central Gavle, Sweden. A giant figure of the traditional Swedish Yule Goat was set up in 1966, when it was vandalized, and has become a sport every year since to attempt to burn the figurine down.

Historically, European countries have more traditional, Pagan roots to their routines, while newly influenced cultures treat this joyful holiday as just a time to indulge in their childhood. While many peoples celebrate Chrismas is various different ways, the moral of Christmas promotes brotherhood, kinship and the joy of giving, which has and continues to touch hearts around the globe.

At Cedarwood, we give importance to developing open minds and being culturally aware. Our theme for this season, Christmas Around the World, teaches children these key values in a fun and interactive environment.
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