Effective communication is one of the most important skills a person looks at when interacting with others. Be it their pronunciation, tone modulation, the way they deliver their sentences, or their body language while speaking.

In today's time, being an effective communicator is more than just having an expansive vocabulary; it is to do with the subtler aspects that add to the entire presentation of the person.

Importance of Communication Skills

Developing good communication skills aids in maintaining a good relationship with family and friends. Some people have the knack of understanding and assessing their environments, and choose to adapt their responses and opinions that fit the situation, while others may need a bit more help.

For children especially, the emphasis on developing these skills cannot be stressed upon enough. This is why children are encouraged to be inquisitive, interactive and social from an early age. Once mastered, these skills can create a leader of the 21st Century, fully adept with all the necessary soft skills needed to navigate through the world.

You can read more about how enhancing these skills today can create a better leader tomorrow.

More Than Just Talking

It is true that communication skills are mostly to do with speech, but much of the impact happens with the delivery of non-verbal skills.
Although voice tone and dialogue delivery hold key to convincing or delivering an impactful message, other skills such as listening, presentation, body language and even personal health play a role.

It is important for people in today's generation to have a socially aware mindset, knowing how the world is changing and has an impact on our current as well as the future generation.

Simple behavioural cues can also inform people if one is keen and genuine when expressing their opinions or is forcing their ideologies on people. This impacts a person's social acceptance, which is vital in personality development for kids and impacts their self-esteem.

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At Cedarwood, English is taught as more than just a language subject. It is taught as a way to form one's identity in relation to their immediate surroundings, and as well as to their personal and social environments.

Our English Alive courses aim at equipping children with the crucial verbal and non-verbal communicative tools to navigate through this world and become profound communicators.