Creative writing holds an important place in today's world, especially for children in schools. Creative writing has become a mandatory part of their curriculum, often holding a lot of weight in exams and come in different forms such as 'letter writing', 'passage writing' or as 'comprehension passages'.

But why is creative writing so essential in the personality development for kids?

Creative writing is one of the most efficient ways of letting children express their inner thoughts in the form of a powerful creative outlet. Not only does a good concept of knowing how to write creatively aid a child's ability to communicate, but it also allows them to develop a unique perception of their surroundings.

If children have an inner spark of being a writer, creative writing skills help develop those traits and provide children with the tools they need to master it, be it in the form of a blogger, or a writer for their school magazines!

The Creative Writing Courses offered at Cedarwood allow children to tap into their inner writing talents by helping them visualise, conceptualise and appropriately convey it in written form so that they are able to convey their inner thoughts with an impact.

Alternatively, there are also Summer Camps in Pune that offer creative writing courses, such as Creative And Blog Writing being conducted at Cedarwood.

This theme focuses on the importance of creative writing, and how to use those skills to practice fun and exciting adventures such as writing a blog! It covers the basics of what is known as creative writing, and how to practice it and use it to convey children's inner expressions.