Writing is one of the most effective ways for someone to communicate and express themselves. It is a versatile form and can be used to express inspirations, anger, affection, and almost any emotion one can think of!

Written work has been used to document history, important events, and even used to paint a picture of the distant future of what people think the world will be! And so, it is natural that emphasis is given on a child's ability to write and communicate their thoughts and opinions.

Thanks to the technological advancements in recent years, children have the ability to move from the traditional use of pen and paper and convey their opinions online, via blogs and community forums!

But what exactly is a blog?

Broadly speaking, a blog is a version of a person's journal but published online. It can be a blog about a person's experiences, what they perceive day-to-day, or how they feel some things ought to be.

It could be a blog about a particular fictional character, foods from around the world, or even a collection of the trending topics from different parts of the globe! The possibilities are truly endless!

This is a giant leap toward sharing one's view of the world with other like-minded people or discovering people who have a different take on things, which promotes healthy discussions and social awareness, which adds on to the personality development for kids!

Check out these blogs made by our very own Cedarwoodian children!
Kiara Gajwani- https://dancing.poetry.blog
Adhhya Kumar- https://adhhyakumarblog.home.blog/
Hiba Attar- https://hibaattar.home.blog/

At Cedarwood, we believe in inculcating 21st Century Skills in children in order to help them grow into effective and impactful communicators, and what better way than to help them hone and master their writing skills!

Our various themes of summer camps in Pune, along with regular courses for Creative Writing, allow children to turn their thoughts into meaningful sentences, helping them convey their opinions better.  Why not enrol for a trial class, or our summer camp to find out for yourself?