English has been inarguably one of the most essential languages to learn in order to become a global citizen. But in the recent rise of cultural importance and acknowledgement of diversity, the importance of regional languages has also started to gain attention. 

But this has not changed the fact that companies and industries around the world place preference on English as the primary language of communication. Not only does this act as a bridge to connect two parts of the world that is culturally and ethnically different, but it also allows a standard code to follow when it comes to creating new communications. 

A recent study done in the United Kingdom by a market research firm took a poll where they asked what level of importance the English language had. This poll, done across 23 countries and by over 25,000 adults showed that all the countries voted English as the most important language to learn.  You can read more about the stats for the study here

It is no new fact that English has an immense amount of importance, more than what can be put into words! And that is why courses at Cedarwood are primarily taught in English, along with courses that help inculcate 21st Century Skills. These courses cover foundational topics such as Phonics, to more advanced ones such as Public Speaking. You can have a look at the variety of courses we offer on our course page!