Summer is round the corner and as parents, one of your main concerns may revolve around how to keep your child busy or entertained. Of course, you can go on a family holiday or keep taking your child out for exciting treats, movies and what not. But can you do that continuously over the entire two month break!? Probably not!

Summers are actually a great time to allow your child to revisit what they have learnt through the last school year and for them to learn something new. Some parents may opt to enrol their child in special activity classes, others may opt for Summer Camps. Here’s 5 reasons why a Summer Camp can Benefit your Child

Learning is FUN

Summer Camps for kids are not like School classrooms. During summer camps, activity and fun based learning becomes the norm. If your child was taught about the concept of water in his science class at School, at a Summer Camp he would probably be able to understand about the 3 states of water and what happens in the water cycle with an exciting experiment right in front of him. At Cedarwood too, we conduct a special Science Week to cover topics the children would be keen to learn. A summer camp is supposed to be fun – but it’s not only about the fun. Your child gets to learn so many new things too.

More Friends, More the Merrier

Why allow your little one to sit around at home when they can meet other people their age and have a good time?! A Summer camp is a great place to learn new things, to stay busy and to meet new friends! Group activities are always fun and the upside is, your child will learn key values like manners, leadership skills, people skills and so on when interacting with unfamiliar people outside of his home and school network!

Confidence Boost

Sometimes, in a class of more than 30 or 40 students, children shy away from asking questions. The best part about a summer camp is that your child is part of smaller learning groups and is free to ask queries! In a way, this will boost his confidence too because he will suddenly feel bolder and smarter when learning things in an activity based fun environment.

At Cedarwood, we are conducting 8 weeks of exciting summer activities for kids across various locations in Pune, in the morning and evening hours. Ping us to get in touch