India is a land of many cultures and peoples. Most states have their own unique language, customs and traditions, and these might even differ for various regions in a single state. When we look beyond our country, to the rest of the world, the vast variety of cultures shouldn’t seem to surprise us then. And yet it does! There are a lot of different traditions adopted all over the world, and we can only marvel at and respect the imagination and industriousness of our ancestors.

We can only learn to live in harmony with people from different cultures when we are able to respect their cultures, as much as we do our own, whether or not we agree with their practices. It is easier to inculcate such open-mindedness in the innocent and imaginative minds of kids. By teaching them about the various civilizations all over the world, we can not only make it easier for them to become global citizens, but also aid in the personality development for kids.

Personality development classes for kids often touch upon morality and values while helping children build a well developed round personality, but they often fail to include tolerance. Upon learning more about other cultures, not only children, but also adults can learn to be more tolerant towards them.

At Cedarwood, after school programs for kids are conducted to teach them about the different cultures of the world, in the hopes that they are better equipped to be global citizens, ready to take on the challenges of an international professional life. You can read more about the course and enrol here.