With the school session for the new year beginning, children are gearing up to balancing out their studies and co-curricular activities. That being said, one of the most efficient ways to do so, is to create a schedule and maintain a routine.

But routines can be a bit hard to create and adhere to, especially for children who would have an interest in other activities, apart from the ones they decide to follow in their schedule. To help overcome this, children should attend class after school to help stick to their routines.

Afterschool activities, such as the ones offered at Cedarwood, allow children to build on their communicative, and academic skills, without over-burdening them. For example, if a child has opted for a course such as Public Speaking and Creative Writing, not only would they be practising on their speaking and written language skills, but would also be developing interactive skills which they would when talking to family or friends, or writing poems or short stories for their entertainment.

Children also tend to stick to their routines once they realise that what they are learning, is both fun and fruitful. So rather than finding a variety of activities that cater to their fun and academics, afterschool activities combine both, saving time as well as ensuring there is a balance between studies and leisure time. These routines can be created beforehand by following a set schedule, which would mimic how the days will pan out once school begins.