Summer Camps at Cedarwood are wrapping up and with over 6 weeks full of activities, we're sure children across Pune had a ball of a time! The summer season is a great time for children to explore their hobbies, meet new people, and explore new places!

Memories made during summer are often hard to replace, as they are packed with fun, new experiences, and moments that allow children to learn and grow.

Summer camps are also a great way to help children acquire life skills, by learning how to communicate with people from different backgrounds and increasing their social awareness and understanding.

Since children are one of the most social creatures we know, their happiness automatically increases as they engage and interact with fellow peers. Their ability to make friends easily and share positive experiences helps propel their communication skills beyond a general formal greeting.

Camps are also great at helping children gain social acceptance. Since they are able to engage with other children of the same age, share common interests, and share their personal viewpoints on particular subjects, it helps develop a social identity.

Keeping these valuable insights in mind, our Summer Camps in Pune for 2019 held a variety of themes that were based around fun topics, with unique learning outcomes that are sure to make a positive impact on children and help them build on their social identity.

Afterschool activities such as the ones offered at Cedarwood allow children to maintain and build on these skills learnt during their summer break. Courses at Cedarwood are synergetic with the learning stages of children, allowing them to develop the right 21st Century Skills at the appropriate time.