Presentation skills in today's world are more than just knowing how to dress well or how to speak. They incorporate a variety of soft skills that are more noticeable than any physical aspect of a person.

Communication skills today incorporate more than just verbal speech. It involves body language, eye contact, demeanour, and even knowing how to assess the other person's general mood, so as to effectively communicate with them.

A great way to improve the way a person presents themselves is by being confident in what they are communicating. This not only requires a practised and seamless flow of speech but also means that one must be adept at listening to what the topic of discussion is. This allows the person to gauge all the information available and make an appropriate response.

Another pointer to note for presenting oneself is to maintain good body posture. Movements that are considered as swaying or fidgeting have an impact on how a person communicates and relays information. Distracting movements keeps the information from being conveyed properly, which could lead to miscommunication.

Being an effective communicator requires being mindful of various aspects of oneself, such as body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues. You can read about the various facets of communication skills that equip children with important 21st Century Skills.