As schools prepare to resume their academic classes in Pune, children too must gear up and get ready for the new academic year. Since we all just got back from the Summer Break (physically if not mentally!) let's take a look at how children can properly manage their routines and ready themselves for the new study session!

Set A Daily Routine
Nothing helps children study better than by having a dedicated time slot for studies and play time. This is handy when trying to balance time between academics and other tasks such as leisure time or food breaks.

Clean Up Your Environment 
Having a devoted space for studies helps children focus on their study materials better, especially when it is clear of any distractions such as toys or games etc.

Get Rest
Plenty of rest is necessary to opt for a routine and following it. Keeping things on track requires time management, and starting a day with full energy is the best way to do so.

Take Care Of Diet
The foods eaten by children can impact on their concentration levels throughout the day. If they eat too much, they will get sleepy, but if they eat too little, they get restless and distracted. Offer children foods that keep them sufficiently full for long periods of time, without causing them any disturbances.

Reward System
Nothing motivates children than rewards for their efforts! Children should be given a break after a successful study session where they can spend the time as they like, or be given incentives with respect to their favourite foods or sweets!  

At Cedarwood, children find a balance between academic studies and social interaction time, that allows them to maintain a study schedule that not only helps them achieve their academic targets but also encourages them to become efficient communicators! Check out our courses page to know more about the courses offered at Cedarwood.