With the increase in study load and syllabus subjects students have to deal with, it's but natural for them to seek help and guidance from professionals apart from their school teachers, friends, and even their parents!

Tuition classes aren't a sign of weakness, instead, it portrays the student's desire to learn the subject's concepts better as they may not have thoroughly understood it from their schools, and shows their aptitude to understand the foundations of it, for which they are willing to seek guidance.

If you are wondering whether your child should attend tuition classes, here are some benefits if they do so;

One-On-One Attention

School classrooms nowadays have a strength of around 25-30 children, depending on the popularity of the school. This, although great for students to make friends and gain insights from different viewpoints, can become hectic for teachers as not only do they have to make sure each student is studying the same topic but have a time limit in which they can do so. Not to mention the pressure from the academic year to finish a set number of topics in a given time.

Tuitions allow for an individual interaction, where tutors can gauge with the students and understand what they need help in, and help them strengthen those areas.

At Cedarwood, our teachers are highly experienced and take the utmost care to make sure each child is attended to and is able to understand the grasp the material being taught! Children at Cedarwood are the highest priority, and our teachers make sure to keep them so!

Choice Of Educators

Unlike in schools, where children have no say in who their teachers are, tuition classes allow children to attend and experience, to see if that particular tutor's teaching style suits them. They are even free to choose if they want to attend private tuitions, or attend it at a centre with children from other schools!

Not only does this let your child feel free to choose, but it encourages them to opt for something better suited to their needs, ultimately easing the entire process of learning and implementing whatever they study.

There are a number of highly experienced and respected teachers who are associated with Cedarwood. Such teachers include Mrs Sharmishta Guha, who has been teaching English to senior levels for more than 40 years, and takes English classes at Cedarwood! Our science courses are taught by Mr Mukul Gaur, who has more than 30 years of experience!

Extra Material

School tend to just focus on the syllabus provided by their respective education boards, which gives teachers little to no room to introduce new and interesting topics that they feel students may benefit from.

Tutors, on the other hand, are free to choose a variety of topics that they feel supplement the learning of the original school syllabus, and allows children to practice and flex their thought process, problem-solving skills, and critical analysis skills!

Keeping this advantage in mind, the courses offered at Cedarwood go beyond the necessary textbook learning children need. With our variety of teaching methods, creative-based learning activities, and the inclusion of interesting and useful knowledge in our courses, children are sure to get the best out of the course they attend!

Flexible Timings

Children these days are opting for more and more after-school programs that help them master their communication skills. But they have little say in when they would attend said programs, as the majority of the day goes into attending school.

Tuition classes are flexible, as they can be rescheduled according to both, the tutor's and the child's situation. So if children have other activities they would like to pursue, attending tuition classes don't get in their way of learning!

If you feel you would like your child to attend tuition classes in Pune, Cedarwood offers Physics, Chemistry, Math tuitions, and English tuition for children in grade 8 to 10. Enrol now to attend a trial class!