Historic Significance Of Education

Technology makes man’s life easier. Ever since the invention of the wheel and the adaption of fire for domestic purposes, man has been advancing technology to make his life better and easier. Educating the juvenile members of human society about our technology enabled them to develop existing technologies, and we advanced as a society. Before the invention of the printing press, handwritten scrolls were used to pass on information, and as one could imagine, the accessibility of these scrolls was extremely limited. The invention of the printing press, hence, lead to widespread dissemination of information, the likes of which human history had never seen before. Shortly after this, the Industrial Revolution took place and all sorts of machinery were invented for the production and distribution of goods and services. All of this was possible solely because of the knowledge passed on via books, which was possible only due to the invention of the press.
We now live in the Information Age, where any information is instantly accessible via the internet. People can choose to acquire knowledge about anything they desire, leading to a higher caliber workforce. We, as a society, are smarter than we have ever been and it is all because of the role technology has played in our society. Using computers, we are able to collate, compile and categorize information at an exponentially faster rate than our ancestors ever could.

Current Importance Of Technology In Education

21st century technology has also provided us with the tools to better disseminate the compiled information. No longer do we have to read about volcanic eruptions, for example, and strain our mind to picture what actually takes place and how it progresses. All one needs to do is hop on to YouTube and search for a video. No longer are we reliant on our teachers and limited by their limitations. The internet is filled with resources that can help both the teacher and the student in enhancing their knowledge and skills. Using the internet, we can also keep ourselves updated on the various advancements in different fields, which is a blessing for students in higher education, corporate executives striving to stay competitive and researchers advancing in their field of research. All of this is possible only because of the integration of technology into our educational infrastructure.

Proceeding With Caution

One must, however, be wary of various specious sources. The rapid speed with which information spreads around can also be used against society. Various rumours are presented to be true and seemingly credible information can turn out to be false. Take for example, the whole Pluto debacle. It was well known, that the International Astronomical Union had rescinded Pluto’s status as a planet. Shortly after the internet was flooded with false articles stating that Pluto was no longer part of our solar system, with some of them even claiming that the planet didn’t exist anymore or had never existed. Thus, while current technology is a great boon for our education, it must be implemented with caution to avoid disaster.

Cedarwood After-School Programs

At Cedarwood, after-school programs are conducted to help children get familiar with using 21st-century technology in a beneficial way. You can check out our courses here.