Children base views of themselves and the world on their daily experiences. One of the most important experiences adults can provide for children is to talk and listen to them.
Researchers believe that when adults stay in touch with children through attention and conversation, children might be less likely to act or behave in ways that create conflict or require discipline.
I would like to share some of my personal experiences with communication skills which you too might like to start off on a daily basis with your children.
Wishing and greeting everyone aloud
My husband and I see to it that we greet our children aloud every morning and throughout the day and also every person they come across including the staff working at home.
This habit is then so deeply ingrained that it does wonders in helping them overcome their shyness or an introvert attitude or sometimes even their egoistic feeling of “Why should I wish, I don’t even know him?”,
“What difference will it make, she is just a helper at home” and so on.
This simple but very effective and important aspect of communication not only transforms your child into a confident and open person but also an individual with good values and strong character. Try it out for a week.
No watching television while eating meals
It is the best time for family bonding. Ask questions about how they spent their day and most importantly the feelings they experienced doing those things. This will help them to speak out their mind and thoughts. As parents, we must control our viewing habits, as a child follows what we do. You too must share your feelings with them.
Eye contact
A very important tool in effective communication. As parents we must insist on maintaining eye contact every time we speak with our children. This teaches the child to focus and respect the person with whom he or she is having a conversation irrespective of age and walk of life.
Hope I was able to give you a kick-start and an insight to my forthcoming Public Speaking course.