Long ago great thinkers like Tagore, Gandhi and Vivekanand had realised the importance of early childhood care and education. They believed that education yields maximum benefit if it begins at birth. They believed that children have the instinct to learn and they should be allowed to learn from their surroundings. They also believed that music, art and poetry are essential for the holistic development of any child and they should be encouraged to pursue these from an early age.

Pre-primary education is defined as the initial stage of organised instruction, designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school-type environment i.e to provide a bridge between home and school-based atmosphere. The programs are designed keeping in mind the educational and developmental needs of children aged 3yrs.

The main objectives of a pre-primary program are

  1. To provide a child-friendly, safe and secure environment to grow.
  2. To encourage self-confidence and self-esteem in children and be valued as individuals.
  3. To adhere to the guidelines of early childhood care and development
  4. To ensure that every child is addressed as an individual and his/her needs are met.


Since India still doesn’t have a concrete and uniform education policy for the pre-primary, the central social welfare board appointed a committee on child-care. The suggestions were later endorsed by the Kothari education committee. Some of the main highlights were:

  1. Play activities - Physical activities in building muscular and limb movement. Play involving contact, acquaintance, imitation and experience of physical, family and social environment.
  2. Playground activities using playground apparatus, physical training including simple exercise, dance and rhythm.
  3. Work and artistic activities involving the use of finger skills and tools and activities like drawing, painting, singing, music and dancing.
  4.  Learning activities including language, personal hygiene and health rules elementary nature-study involving contact with the physical, plant and animal world, counting and arithmetic etc self-service in school, eliminating as far as possible the use of servants and adult helpers.

Pre-primary years are the foundation years. They play a pivotal role in the life of any toddler and lay the foundation of lifelong learning and discipline by grooming young minds and providing dynamic and complete development.

This article was written by our associate teacher, Richa Mehta who conducts classes at our Pimple Saudagar location. To learn more about Richa and the classes she conducts, head on over to her profile