I'm going to narrate a small incident and would love if all of you could share if you've been in a similar situation.
I was taking a small Parenting session with a few young parents in Pune a few months back. Most of the parents were from the IT background and since it was a Saturday morning, I witnessed a fairly decent attendance from moms and dads.
I generally keep my sessions interactive and a parent ( dad ) said that he was unable to get through to his 2.5 year old daughter. He went on to explain how she would not listen to him or his wife when she was told to stop playing on the phone, or come to them etc etc. To sum it up, his complaint was that my 2.5 year old is way too stubborn and what can I do to make her listen ?
I listened carefully while making silent observations internally. I looked at him and asked him only one thing - "Do you get off your phone when your daughter calls you?"
There was silence for a few seconds but I wanted him to realise and answer his dilemma as a parent on his own.
Parents remember our children are a reflection of our own selves, so do as you would like them to imbibe!
Join me and Rajul for an interactive Parenting Session this Saturday where we will discuss more such issues.

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