As Summer beckons holidays and loads of after school activities, there is no limit to what all children can do during this time! From visiting different cities and countries to opting for adventurous camps! But children can be picky, some wanting to laze about, while others wanting to join sporty activities!

Luckily, there is something for everyone, especially when it comes to summer activities for kids!

At Cedarwood, we offer a variety of creativity-based learning activities, that help children practice their creative and intellectual skills! Our camps are created keeping in mind each child's learning capability, and relevant content to their age group.

Our themes incorporate a variety of crafts, practical, written, and spoken activities that make sure children get to apply their learnt skills and improve their overall social interaction.

Be it learning about the different cultures of the world, or mastering their inner Shakespearian persona, we make sure children have a plethora of activities to choose from.

Camps at Cedarwood also last for over 7 weeks, making sure that children get the right amount of exposure to new concepts and topics, so they don't tire or feel they didn't enjoy enough!

Some examples of last year's camp themes can be found here, so you'll definitely be excited for this year's themes as well! Why not sign up here and get to know the themes for this year yourself?