Summer is around the corner, and we can't wait to engage your kids in fun and creative-based learning activities throughout their summer break!

Not only do we have an exciting line-up for this year's summer camps for kids, but we also have a variety of educational themes announced every week, which we are sure to keep your children's curiosity to learn and grow satisfied!

Here's a recap of all the thrilling and engaging activities we had last year for the Cedarwood Summer Camp!

Art and Crafts

Children had a great time exploring their creative flair with our arts and crafts workshops during the camp! From creating colourful keychains and mugs to creating small decorative items for their rooms and homes! We witnessed a lot of great artists in the making!

Drama And Theatre

Children always love to enact out plays and dive deep into role-playing, and last summer, they did just that! Our workshops around dance, drama, and theatre allowed children to explore their acting, speaking, and presentation skills by performing scenes from playful stories, or even creating their own! Not to mention they had a great time getting their boogie on!

Cedar Chefs

Children absolutely love food, even if it just involves eating! The previous year's summer fun for kids involved creating delicious treats and learning proper dining etiquette! They explored the history and basics of creating yummy treats and gained knowledge of table manners while eating food.

Cedar Explorers

It's no new fact that children are ever curious to read and know more and to aid them in their progress to get answers, we had a workshop dedicated to creating Cedar Astronauts! Packed with loads of fun and interesting facts about outer space and the universe, this workshop allowed children to explore our vast solar system, and what may lie beyond!

Go Green

It's important to make children understand the impact society has on their environment, and this workshop helped impart knowledge about the importance of being environmentally friendly and controlling resource wastage.

STEM Workshop

This workshop was a great achievement for Cedarwood! This workshop was focused on creating awareness and providing information to girls who were aiming to pursue careers in STEM fields, and received enlightening interactions with female leaders from prominent and established companies.

Will you believe us if we said these were just a few activities that were conducted during the camp weeks? You can read this article on how to keep your child engaged this summer vacation!

Cedarwood Afterschool offers a special 7 week-long summer camps for teens and kids, which focus on creative classes and workshops based on a different theme each week. Enrol now for the summer camp, and let your child discover a new experience each week!