I remember my mother correcting, totalling and arranging answer papers in descending order every exam season. I ask teachers today; has that changed, and the answer is a clear no.

With so much evolution around us, the way we teach and grade our students has remained unchanged. With the exception of a few tech tweaks, the above-mentioned scenario of teaching being reduced to marks given on a test is the harsh reality of our education system today. Lack of good quality teachers and teaching techniques poses a bigger problem than we might imagine.

What good is an innovation if we can’t produce a generation of independent & inquisitive thinkers? The problem lies in the lack of opportunities in the teaching industry - our teachers are paid lesser than our domestic help today and that’s tragic. We need to look at opening up alternate career paths for teachers, or anyone inclined towards education.

That’s what we’re building at Cedarwood Afterschool Program - a platform that connects teachers imparting 21st Century skills to parents looking for such courses for their children. If you are an educator willing to become a 21st Century Teacher, contact us to know more about how to do so!