Creative writing is a concept of the English language that has been used since the conceptualisation of the language itself. It is a form of conveying a story, a message, feelings, or even warnings in elaborate and interesting ways.

Broadly speaking, creative writing is almost always associated with imagination, which gives a person the ability to create a passage, poem, prose, or any form of written material, that has little or no academic relevance. It is purely written to be enjoyed, or broken-down and analysed by literature enthusiasts.

Creative writing is a critical aspect of growing up, as it allows you to explore the language, and influences the person themselves, as they grow and mature, and are able to understand the workings of the world better. But as the world shifts towards a more technological dynamic, the importance of creative writing seems to be fading away, giving way to short, dry, and almost unimaginative content.

Opting for creative writing not only encourages children to come up with imaginative ways to convey a message and expand their vocabulary, but also pushes them to understand the rules of the English language, and how to incorporate them in their daily communication skills.

To help your child understand, execute, and enjoy creative writing, opt for our creative writing classes, which are clubbed with other important classes such as Grammar Grip and Public Speaking, which improves the overall communication skill of children.