How Public Speaking Helps Kids

According to psychologists, public speaking is a fear that is seen commonly among people due to their lack of experience, having wrong thoughts about their abilities or skills to speak well, evaluating themselves negatively, seeing themselves in scary place amongst strangers, unable to face new people, questioning or doubting their words or ideas or thinking themselves as inferiors. Public speaking comes naturally to some, but it can be cultivated too. Intervening in the early child developing years and taking up programmes that boost self-confidence, grammar and speech, and allows children to formulate their thoughts into meaningful sentences can help children develop this skill easily.

Public speaking is an art which needs to be developed through effort and practice, an art where one learns to speak, giving one’s thoughts a voice and a character. When a baby learns to speak in the family, the family rejoices as communication is a form of interaction, a milestone reached by a child. In that same sense, there is a milestone reached when a child should be taught to approach a crowd or an audience and speak their innovative ideas, emotions, needs, desires, and wants.

In life one needs to communicate verbally to excel, you can’t abstain from talking, whichever job you hold, one needs to communicate during meetings or seminars.


Communication Classes In Pune By Cedarwood

Communicating and presenting ideas clearly and openly helps one advance and grow, it never stops you from new opportunities. Public speaking is just not talking but is also a skill as to how to talk, historically it is been used to persuade people. People who speak well in public are considered charismatic, a quality that leaders must have. Being a good orator can help bring forth one’s beliefs in a manner that helps in changing other’s beliefs and attitudes.

At Cedarwood we offer a space for children to explore their potential, and help them to express themselves and be confident. We have courses that provide children skills needed in the 21st Century, that sets them apart from the rest.