21st Century Skills refers to the set of knowledgeable qualities an individual has that helps them navigate in today's society. These include the constant interplay between work skills, social skills, and interpersonal skills that aid in shaping a person's personality and mindset.

These skillsets can vary depending on the person, location, and the situation in which these skills are needed.  Let's have a look at the different types of 21st Century Skills!

Broadly, these skills are categorised into 3 types: Literacy Skills, Learning Skills and Life Skills.

Literacy Skills
These set of skills allow people to distinguish fact from fiction, quantify and verify the information they perceive. These skills work on allowing children to improve on their general awareness, critical thinking and helping their analytic thinking processes.

Learning Skills
Skills that allow children to develop a strong foundation for learning a variety of concepts and processes come under this skillset. These skills are further divided into what is known as the '4 C's of the 21st Century, these are known as; Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity.

Life Skills
Skills that play an evident role in the functioning of day-to-day life are known as life skills. They can range from knowing how to perform simple tasks like doing laundry, to more complex ones such as knowing how to fix a leaky tap. Children require to blend their literacy and learning skills in order to carry out tasks that require life skills. These sometimes come naturally but mostly need to be taught to children as they mature into young adults.  

Apart from these, soft skills such as written skills, verbal and non-verbal skills and time management also fall under 21st Century Skills. All these skills are constantly overlapping and changing, depending on what situation the child finds themselves in. Strong basic knowledge of such abilities allow children to modify and build on them, as and when needed, therefore turning them into truly remarkable global citizens.

Cedarwood is a platform that helps you discover Afterschool Programs for your child close to your home! We conduct programs that help children develop 21st Century Skills such as Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity.

Our Programs include Reading Clubs, Phonics, Elocution, Speech & Drama, Public Speaking, Science Workshops, Coding for kids, Creative Writing and academic courses around Science, Math and English.