Sweets, family gatherings, lamps, rangoli and you realize that Diwali is just around the corner! Children are the most excited ones for this festival of lights and it's important for them to experience tradition with a twist of fun.

Every year at Cedarwood, we organise a fun-filled Diwali camp for kids where they get to participate in a bunch of carefully curated activities. Children get a chance to enjoy themselves by learning and exploring new things and picking up a new skill as well!

Here’s a sneak peak into what we’ve planned for our kiddos and you can do the same with your kids at home!

1.Rangoli Making

To start with, you can ask your child to make a Rangoli with flowers around the house; let them use their creativity to come up with different designs. This will not only enhance their thinking and motor skills, but will also make them feel more connected to the family and Diwali traditions.

2. Diya Painting

Let your child indulge in painting some diyas! Again, the ways to decorate diyas are endless; they could start by using simple poster colours and move on to pasting some stones etc. This will definitely boost their creative and fine motor skills.

3. Festive Cooking

Instead of sitting with tabs and mobiles, why not bond over sweets with family members and let’s take this a step forward  and include some festive cooking! You could involve your child in helping you make some ladoos or even a chocolate cake. Always encourage your child to be a part of family gatherings as this will help them imbibe social skills and increase family bonding.

And if you want your child to have the most memorable Diwali, then enroll them for the Cedar Diwali Camp. Fun and frolic mixed with tradition is the way we celebrate Diwali here at Cedarwood

So wishing all of you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali from the Cedarwood Team!


Cedarwood always has new and engaging activities planned for every season of the year, such as winter camps and summer camps in Pune! These workshops are conducted over a number of weeks and help in personality development for kids!