We can't express the amount of fun, laughter and knowledge children have learned in the past 3 weeks of attending the Cedar Summer Camps in Pune! From learning how to make delightful chocolate treats, to creating their own jigsaw puzzles! Head on over to our Facebook page to see your children's incredible talent for yourself!

Here's a sneak peek at the incredible themes and activities happening at our Summer Camps across the city!

Baner- Reading Week

Join our evening batches at Balewadi-Baner as children immerse themselves into the literary world of beloved authors and children's stories! Children will have a variety of group and individual activities ranging from creative writing to speaking about their favourite story.

NIBM- Drama and Theatre

Drama and theatre is a great outlet for children to express their emotions and thoughts. With Cedar Actors, children learn the basics of how to portray themselves while performing, with emphasis on body language, dialogue delivery, and tone modulation.

Kharadi- Dance and Drama

Children love dancing and acting, and what better way to combine those two than in a summer camp! This theme focuses on allowing children to portray themselves via a creative outlet, be it learning how to dance and add a bit of physical fitness to their lives, or learning the art of speaking eloquently to their peers.

Viman Nagar- Fun with Salads and Ice Cream Desserts

Summer cannot be complete without the tasty treats that children get to eat during the season! Join this week's theme and enjoy a plethora of tasty and healthy treats, easy to make at home!

Rasta Peth- Mixed Bag

Camps during summer can range from physical activities to DIY room decor! During our 'Mixed Bag' theme, children experience a variety of creative activities such as craft work, Zumba, and even activities that focus on personality development for kids that focus on communication and language!


Join the Cedarwood Summer Camp and let your children experience an unforgettable Summer!