What Are Listening Skills?

The ability to accurately perceive information via sound can be defined as 'listening skills'. They help individuals gauge what information they are experiencing and make sense out of it, be it intently listening for the sound of the school bell to ring, or waiting for a friend to confirm for a night out.

Properly deciphering the sounds and noises one hears can help in communicating better which in turn allows children to engage and interact with their surroundings.

How Listening Helps

Being a good listener can benefit children by allowing them to perceive more than what is just present. When children assess the tone, volume and frequency of someone talking, they can make a conclusion of how the person is feeling, and how they can appropriately respond.

Listening is not the same as hearing, as the former implies that what has been heard has been understood and acknowledged.

These skills also allow children to become effective communicators as they can concentrate and focus on the aspects of interaction that are beyond just sight. In other words, they pay more attention and are likely to react accordingly.

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