An interaction between two people can be perceived in more than just visual or auditory ways. Many people tend to notice the unspoken things, such as eye contact, body sway, how much a person fidgets, or their general demeanour. These unspoken cues combine the body language of a person.

Body Language and Confidence

Noticing body language can provide people with some insight into how a person is feeling,  how confident they are, or if they are understanding what is being communicated.

This is why standing still and maintaining eye contact while talking is established in young children, as this kind of stance is perceived as being confident, which aids in improving the child's personality and self-confidence levels.

Apart from just appearing in command, positive body language also allows people to feel accepted and comfortable, which prompts in a healthy conversation, likeability and overall improvement in personality development for kids.

Cedarwood knows and understands the value of developing overall communication skills, which are a combination of listening skills, speaking skills, and non-verbal signals such as body language. Our courses such as English Alive allow children to understand communication beyond just textual words, they allow them to experience this language from all facets, sight, sound, touch and emotion.