I'm a Cedarwood Associate Teacher for courses related to Creative Writing, Grammar Grip, Elocution, Reading Club and Speech and Drama. I have over 6 years' experience as an educator. I've worked as a pre-primary teacher with RIMS International School previously. I've been an ‘Associate Teacher’ with Cedarwood for the past couple of years.

Through the above mentioned courses, I help children explore and articulate different writing styles and improve oral speech by improving diction & articulation and enhancing word power. There is nothing better than watching a child flourish and gain knowledge under your guidance. It’s not only about teaching young kids communication skills but the entire time I spend interacting with them is priceless. It gives me immense joy to know that a child gains confidence (even if it’s a sliver), skills and makes new friends by coming here.

I have also successfully conducted 6 weeks of ‘Cedar Summer Camps’ at NIBM. One of the most successful weeks this year was ‘Cedar Chefs’. I await the annual day programs conducted by Cedarwood as children have an opportunity to showcase their talents and their takeaways from their time at Cedarwood.

Besides teaching, I am a fitness enthusiast and enjoy a good fitness regime. I am a true believer of ‘Health is Wealth’.

I love the time spent I spend with children during my classes as it’s just not them learning something, but every single day is a new learning experience for me too.

I would love for parents and children to interact with me if they would like to know about the classes and Cedarwood currently has trial classes going on. Click on http://cedarwood.co.in/events/free-trial-class-week-cloud-9-nibm-road to know more.