Introduction To Phonics Classes

Phonics is the knowledge of understanding the sounds behind every letter and it is this knowledge that helps children pronounce words. Only when a child can pronounce words correctly, can he/she read with fluency. Reading with fluency is key to verbal and written language and hence phonics forms the basis of language. Cedarwood offers after-school activities where Phonics & Reading is clubbed as a course. Phonics helps children decode a word, and with continuous practice and efforts, reading comes naturally to the child. The conventional "look and say" method doesn't emphasise on correct pronunciation, and hence fails to help children develop reading skills. However,  phonics helps children decode words on their own as well as address correct spellings; this helps them arrive at a level where they can read different books, comprehend them, and increase their capacities to assimilate the knowledge.


What The Phonics Course Is About

  • Phonics helps children become confident, inquisitive and fluent readers.
  • Reading, a byproduct of phonics, builds the foundation of language.
  • Spelling can be mastered only when a child learns how to read fluently.

It is important for children to practice the sounds of new words and letters that are taught to them, to explore new words, through books and to eventually reach a stage where they can read words they have not come across before, coherently and clearly.
Cedarwood Afterschool Programs offer Phonics classes in Pune as a basic course for kids to lay the foundation of letter-sound mappings.


How Phonics Classes Help Your Child?

Enhances Reading Ability
Builds Confidence
Instils Interest in Words and Reading
Develops Vocabulary
Improves Pronunciation



As Frank Smith, a famous psycholinguistic says, "You learn to read by reading and you learn to write by reading.” Phonics, therefore, forms the foundation for reading, which creates fluency in the English language.

At Cedarwood Afterschool, we follow the Jolly phonics framework to help children develop their phonemic sense. Once they have mastered phonics and reading,  Cedarwood helps children reach milestones in their language through a variety of other Afterschool Programs offered.

Phonics classes in Pune, offered by Cedarwood, ensure that children not only develop sound pronunciation but also grow into avid readers.