Activity Club is a unique program for pre-schoolers and early primary-school goers to help them learn about their surroundings through various specialised activities.  Topics for special activities are linked to those covered in the courses Globe Trotters, Reading, Storytelling and Elocution, Speech & Drama during the week so that the concepts are reinforced. Each activity is designed with the objective of letting children bring out their creativity while assimilating knowledge of diverse, age-appropriate topics.

This course involves activities such as:

Art and Craft
This activity club allows children to explore their creative side by experiencing and engaging with fun hobbies that help them de-stress and gain knowledge about their activity. 

Children learn to gain mindfulness by practising karate, a hobby that teaches discipline, coordination, and works on children's overall physical and mental well-being. 

General Knowledge
Children gain social awareness by keeping themselves updated with facts, current affairs, and general trivia from across the world.