‘Cedar Scientists’ is an enriched program specially designed to build your child’s intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

This intensive course, targets activity based hands-on experiments and practical learning to make Science fun thereby inculcating a genuine interest in the subject.  The curriculum is planned to support and supplement what a child is taught in school. Children are encouraged to ask questions and engage in the activities specifically designed to explain scientific concepts, thereby making connections between the various things they may have experienced or observed in their daily lives.  It helps develop a scientific mindset and approach to concepts and improves logic and overall understanding of how things work – which forms the basis for improved academic performance.

How it Helps?

Improves Understanding of Core Science Concepts

Develops Scientific Thought / Thinking Process

Enhances Thinking Ability and Curiosity

Helps with Academic Learning

How we Do it?

Age appropriate innovative experiments and activities 

Observation and documentation 

Demonstration of Scientific concepts taught in class

AV Video Learning Techniques to Support Theory

Enticing Experiments on diverse topics such as The Water Cycle, Respiration, Life Cycle of Insects, Animal Habitats, Animal Adaptation, Law of Motion and lots more!