Why Combine Creative Writing and Public Speaking?

Building your vocabulary proves to be useful in every single field. A developed vocabulary is advantageous in every aspect of life and adds character to one's personality. Not only does creative writing help build a child's vocabulary and help them work on their grammar skills but with the added module of public speaking, it puts creative writing into practice.

While helping children express their imagination in a liberal way and also staying within the bounds of grammar, creative writing allows children to free the story writers in them.

The Module

The two modules of creative writing and public speaking are combined as they compliment each other very well. While creative writing helps put pen to paper, public speaking helps gives the same words a voice and character.

The course consists of activities aimed to build confidence while speaking on topics given on the spot and also ones that need to be prepared beforehand.

How Does It Help?

Stimulates Imagination and Creativity
Builds Self-Confidence
Builds Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills
The child learns Essay Writing

How We Do it?

Highly qualified teachers train the child to read and speak smartly
Activities used to overcome stage fright
Idea Generation and Imagination
Organisation of thoughts

Here's an article on why Creative Writing is important, and how to be a better creative writer, and how it impacts the communication skills of growing children. You can also read why Public Speaking has an impact on children's self-confidence and elocution skills.

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