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Elocution & Reading Club

Elocution plays a crucial role in the formation, articulation, and pronunciation of speech and speaking skills for children, whereas the reading club encourages children to explore the different forms of language, their dialects and the tenses in which a language can be expressed.
In this specially formulated module, the emphasis lies on improving the child’s overall verbal communication skill. This is done by developing listening, speaking and reading ability. It involves the improvement of oral speech by improving diction & articulation and enhancing word power through a variety of fun-based activities.

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Problem Solving

A child with good problem solving skills will be able to use their initiative and be able to weigh up actions and consequences to guide their decisions.


Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind and belief in your own ability, skills and experience.

Analytical Thinking

Analytical skills allow children to solve complex problems by filtering through to the relevant information and identifying patterns or trends.

Imagination and Creativity

Imagination is the door to possibilities. It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin for child development.

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What Students and Parents Say

Yugansha Borate, Student

When we joined the Phonics program with Cedarwood, my child was not even clear about the sounds of the letters but now after 3 months, she is able to read many many words which is a delight for me too. Special thanks to Miss Jagruti for her efforts and time motivation. Lockdown well utilized.

Sonia Mago, Mother

As a parent, I feel very blessed to have Akshay Sir as a teacher for my son Devansh. Though I do not know much about Coding, I can say that Akshay Sir has taught and Tackled my son in the best possible way and his teaching has really helped him understand the concept of Coding.

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