What is Elocution ?

Elocution is the art of learning how to speak confidently with the correct accent, pronunciation, tone, and stress. Speech & Drama helps children develop expression along with body language, eye contact and the right movement and gestures while speaking in front of an audience. We aim to build sound verbal communication skills and confidence in children through this module.

Why is Elocution Relavant ?

Early Childhood research shows that children as young as 3 years old start role playing and start understanding the difference between fiction and reality. By enacting poems and following instructions, young children also develop basic life skills – i.e. listening, verbal communication, respect for others and self-confidence. Special speech & drama activitites also accommodate visual, auditory and hands-on learning. At Cedarwood, carefully designed fun activities and games help children overcome stage fright and build self confidence.  

The Module

Poetry is the simplest way to help children emote and develop expression while speaking.Shared poem reading and recital sessions help develop clear diction, articulation and voice modulation. Tongue Twisters are also a part of our module as they help children develop clarity in speech. We take up stories from our Reading Club and help children enact the same with dramatisation and props. At the end of the module, children get an opportunity to perform in front of live audience.   

How Does It Help ?

Enhanced Verbal and Speaking Skills 
Develops Expression
Improves Body Language
Builds Self-Confidence and Teamwork
Helps Overcome Stage Fright

How We Do It ? 

Group activities, Games and Solo Performances
Reading exercises and Opportunity for Stage Performance
Training in Voice Projection and Speech Modulation
Tongue Twisters & Enacting Stories