What is English Communication?

The purpose of the English communication skill course is to enhance the student's foundation of the written and the verbal segment involved in studying the English language as a subject as a means to build 21st Century Skills. 

The Module

The course brings forth students creativity and entails the ability of students to express their ideologies and thoughts in a creative, and imaginative way. Through this students will be able to form correct sentences by the construction of better words that express their thoughts on papers. Not only is their creativity enhanced but, it also improves their vocabulary, spelling and grammar rules, paragraph and sentence formation, and overall command of the language.

The other segment involves building skills required in the 21st century by Public speaking, it has been noted through research that Public speaking enhances confidence and self-esteem. It helps in developing expressions and body language that concentrates on the non-verbal communication skills, mostly required in day-to-day interactions. Once the student learns the art of communication, they automatically feel confident and are able to communicate with purpose. 

How Does It Help?

Builds Overall Confidence
Improves Oral Speech
Improves Reading Ability
Improves Comprehension Skills
Helps inculcate the habit of reading
Stimulates Imagination and Creativity
Improves Command over Language
Enhances Vocabulary, Spelling and Grammar Rules

How We Do It?

Training in Voice Projection and Speech Modulation
Improving Pronunciation and Oral Pitch
Enhancing the Child’s Conversation Skill
Precision of Grammar
Idea Generation and Imagination
Organisation of thoughts

Cedarwood offers a variety of Communication Classes in Pune that covers written and spoken English classes. Cedarwood offers such classes for different age groups in the form of Afterschool Programs at around 15 odd locations.