What Is It?

The course concentrates on the Academic enhancement for the English language as a subject in ICSE board.
Cedarwood is helping students prep for their boards, we have created a course for students to understand the foundation of the subject and perform better in their written paper for the English subject.


The Module

We have a module which caters to the need of students and the requirement needed to write essay type questions. The course concentrates on building the fundamental aspects required in writing, by enhancing student’s ability to construct better words and longer sentences to express their views regarding the short stories, poetry, and the novel "Merchant Of Venice" which is taught in schools. We also investigate the students hold on the grammar and teach them the rules.

Some schools do have viva for the subject, therefore, we also have included communication, having two segments- verbal and non-verbal. Verbal includes the command over the language and non-verbal includes the right kind of body language and expressions required during their spoken assessments. This will also benefit students for their further interviews in colleges.


How Does It Help?

Improves Social Skills
Improves Overall Speaking Ability
Develops Confidence and Personality


How We Do It?


Composition – argumentative, persuasive, narrative, descriptive, picture composition
Comprehension Letter Writing – Formal and informal
Grammar – from the basics – parts of speech·
All components of the literature are covered as well


Play - Merchant of Venice
Prose – Short Stories

All of the above is done with the objective of understanding the text and answering all type of questions that would appear in the ICSE examination.


Cedarwood offers a variety of Speech and Reading Classes in Pune that cover Written and Spoken English Language classes. Cedarwood offers such classes for different age groups in the form of Afterschool Programs at around 15 odd locations.