What does Globe Trotters entail ? 

Travelling to different countries and appreciating the various cultures is the best way to turn our tiny tots into global citizens. This module will help children improve their general knowledge and awareness about various countries they go to, trotting. We expose children to the different culutures, people. languages and cuisines throug creative and audio visual aids. 

Why is Globe Trotters Relevant ?

Travel and learning about different countries help in personality development for kids and makes them curious about the mannerisms, cultures and landscapes of foreign lands. It helps children develop respect and appreciation for the societies present around the world. It keeps them informed about the various facts of different countries, their histories and resources, enabling children to become well-rounded and considerate citizens.

How Does It Help ?

Improves General Knowledge
Increases Awareness
Helps with understanding various Cultures and Traditions

How We Do it ?

A New Country will be Introduced Every Month
Exposure to the culture specific to the Country
Geography of the Country will be touched upon