What Is It?

Elocution plays a crucial role in the formation, articulation, and pronunciation of speech and speaking skills for children. The One-On-One Elocution course offered at Cedarwood allows children to gain individual exposure to this foundation of learning communication.


The Module

This special Elocution course covers all facets of learning 'Elocution', such as reading skills, narration, communication, and relevant training required to become an effective and impactful communicator.

Elocution classes not only work as English classes for kids or spoken English classes for kids but also serve as personality development classes for kids.

This course is a 4-session per month class, where the teacher gauges each individual child's developmental speed, and concept grasping ability and chooses the appropriate pace for each child. Each session is altered and accommodated according to the child's convenience.

Read this article written by our Program Director Vandana Ahuja that talks about what Elocution is and what you need to evaluate in your child before enrolling for an elocution course.


How Does It Help?

Builds Overall Confidence
Improves Oral Speech
Improves Reading Ability
Increases Vocabulary / Word Power
Improves Comprehension Skills
Helps inculcate the habit of reading


How We Do It?

Training in Voice Projection and Speech Modulation
Improving Pronunciation and Oral Pitch
Enhancing the Child’s Conversation Skill
Precision of Grammar
Solo Training


Cedarwood offers a variety of Elocution Classes in Pune that covers written and spoken English classes. Cedarwood offers such classes for different age groups in the form of Afterschool Programs at around 15 odd locations.