Coding at Cedarwood
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The journey of your child into the Coding World begins here!

Computer programming is a field gaining increasing importance in today’s world. Through our innovative online coding classes for kids, we aim to impart this useful skill in a comprehensive way by helping them to build Websites, Apps & Games. Our students imbibe more than just subject matter; they learn how to become problem solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers and collaborative learners.

Little Creators: Grades 1-3

As professional educators, we are amazed every day by the intellectual acuity of tiny tots. Our innovative course content is focused on bringing out and enhancing the creative and logical mindset in them. The curriculum has been designed to ensure a smooth learning curve and eliminate any chance of burden on the kids.

Through this module the children are introduced to the world of programming, by creating interactive animation, developing their own creative stories, building fun games and are even introduced to app development. They will be supervised by seasoned teachers throughout the session. Click here to know more! 


Budding Coders: Grades 3-5

This age group of children display intuitive and inquisitive behaviour that makes it perfect for them to join this course. Our innovative curriculum helps these kids navigate the world of coding with the freedom to implement all their creative ideas. 

This module focuses on creating interactive stories through animation, game creation & app development, which inculcates logical thinking and promotes the creative use of their minds. By the end of this module, they learn how to design their animated stories, build fun multiplayer games and develop publishable Apps. Click here to know more! 

Young Developers : Grades 5-8

Children of this group portray great propensity towards learning new concepts. The program is tailored to suit their intellectual capacity and work towards strengthening it. They learn how to create apps, games, websites and even dabble in cutting edge concepts of artificial intelligence.

In this Module, the children’s creative thinking is brought into play through the development of interactive apps and games. With increasing understanding, they move onto designing publishable apps and games with UI/UX & are introduced to the world of Artificial Intelligence and its application in app development. They are also given an introduction to web development (through languages like HTML, CSS, etc.)  Click here to know more! 


Young Innovators: Grades 8-12 

Higher grasping power and remarkable out-of-the-box thinking seen in children of this age make it all the more fun to interact and teach them. Refining their analytical, designing and computational thinking along with logical and problem-solving mindset is the main intention of our program. 

This module enables students to start designing publishable apps and games with UI/UX. It gives them the feel of real-world software operatives. Their design thinking is promoted greatly. The students start exploring the world of game development through the creation of real-time advanced games & are introduced to HTML, CSS, SQL etc., which will help them design and develop websites. They also learn to code using Python which gives them an insight on the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Click here to know more!