What is Phonics?

Phonics is a foundation course for building effective reading skills for children in the pre-primary and primary age groups. Phonetics or Phonics is important for children to learn to read and spell. The idea behind phonics is that letters represent the sound of spoken language and there is a logical relationship between written letters and spoken sounds. Phonics helps children learn the relationship between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language.

Why is Phonics Relevant?

A good understanding of the phonetic sounds gives children the confidence for not only identifying the vowels, consonants and syllables but also to start reading on their own. Learning the sounds of letters and words through audio-video content, specialised activities and worksheets enable the child to grasp the language better and build self-confidence. This module is a foundation for spoken English classes for kids.

Why we combine Reading with Phonics?

At Cedarwood, we combine Reading with phonics as reading forms the basis of language, both written and spoken. Inculcating reading as a habit during the early learning years of a child can lead to better comprehension skills, imagination and vocabulary. We initially start with storytelling and introducing children to picture books; once they are familiar with phonics we ensure that each child starts reading age relevant books on their own.

The Module

In this module interesting activities and techniques are used to captivate the child. It is important for children to practice the sounds of new words and letters that are taught to them, to explore new words through books and to eventually reach a stage where they can read words they have not come across before, coherently and clearly.
Cedarwood Afterschool Programs offer Phonics classes in Pune as a basic course for kids to lay the foundation of letter-sound mappings.

Read this article written by our Program Director Vandana Ahuja that talks about what Phonics is and what you need to evaluate in your child before enrolling for a phonics course. You can also check this article on the importance of phonics, and how to start teaching your children the basics of phonics and the English language. 

How it Helps ?

Enhances Reading Ability
Builds Confidence
Instills Interest in Words and Reading
Develops Vocabulary
Improves Pronunciation

How we do it?

We start with single letter words and move to blends, teaching the sound of every letter and word relevant to the child’s age. We expose the child to relevant reading material based on their age. We give them an array of interesting books to ‘Explore and Read’ while conducting practical sessions, specialised activities, book reviews etc. We often conduct interactive sessions with children book Authors to inspire children and inculcate good reading habits.