The Importance of Public Speaking

Our social and communication skills are just as important as any other. Developing these while one is young proves to beneficial in the long run. The pre-teen years of a child are particularly eventful, as apart from budding into active members of the society, they start to form their opinions and have a personal take on current issues from around the world. And most children from this group start to or have a desire to voice their opinions too! And for this essential part of growing up, public speaking helps form that platform on which they can stand and proudly give their thoughts a voice.

The Module

Public speaking for kids is a fear that some have, and some don’t. Regardless of who that may be, this course aims to eradicate that fear if kids have it and enhance a child’s skill if they have an interest in it. It helps builds confidence, improves the presence of mind and interactive skills and aids in personality development for kids.

How Does It Help?

Enhances Reading Skills
Improves Pronunciation
Develops Vocabulary Builds Self-Confidence
Builds verbal & non-verbal communication skills
Improves confidence for school and public debating

How We Do it?

Highly qualified teachers train the child to read and speak smartly
Group Discussions, Debates, Extempore and MUNs
Relevant reading practice to control the speed of speech
Give the Child an array of interesting Books to Explore and read
Conduct Practical sessions on book reviews
Special sessions on extempore speaking, famous speeches and group discussions

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Cedarwood offers a variety of Public Speaking and Elocution Classes in Pune that covers Spoken English and Body Language classes. Cedarwood offers such classes for different age groups in the form of Afterschool Programs at around 15 odd locations.