Brought to you in collaboration with Mindchamp, this course helps kids learn logical thinking, problem solving and creativity through coding

Course highlights

The learning is achieved through activity based games. As opposed to a classroom setting where teaching is theoretical, we make sure there is every child's involvement in grasping each concept.
We also restrict batch sizes to 5 - 7 students, making sure the teacher has full attention on each student.

Application of the knowledge
Instead of starting with typing code, we use a popular approach called block-based coding. You can know more about it by clicking on the video on this page.  When the students are applying the knowledge they acquired through activities, they are encouraged to reason out their steps and suggest alternate solutions in every step of the way.  Thus, reasoning is developed in students - why they are performing a particular action and which is the best (optimal) way to go about it.

Topics Covered
 - For std. III to V: Create Your First Animated Story
 - For std. V to VIII: Create Your First Game
 - For std VI to VIII : Create Your First WebSite

Through this course, we will
 - Measure the progress of the child through Logical Pre-Assessment and Post Assessment (except for my first website)
 - Provide little to no homework
 - Provide a Certificate