Parenting session at Cybage / Work-life balance

Conducted by Ritu Agwekar, a lawyer, mentor, psychotherapist and Pranic healer, the session at Cybage, Kalyani nagar is to help enlighten working individuals of the importance of work-life balance and ways to achieve it. Not being something that can be achieved in a go, they will be given tips to develop the habit of separating their personal and professional lives.

They will also be made aware of their surroundings and why being conscious of simple things like birds chirping or the sound of the wind blowing can be calming and how we, in a hurry to get on with our daily lives, ignore these not so minute details.

Having boundaries between work and personal life is of utmost importance. One needs to be able to get the balance between the two. And this can only be done over a period of time by developing habits that endorse both, work and personal life. This will lead to a healthy lifestyle that is conducive for one's physical and mental well-being. 

Venue : Cybage, Kalyani Nagar
Date : 10-08-2018
Time : 2:00 pm